JAS Learning Hub, the training and teaching arm of JAS Consultants, conducts innovative, interactive training and workshops on various domains by engaging experts from the respective domains. All our trainers are well experienced and have 20 over years of rich industry experience along with several years of exposure in coaching and conducting training and workshops for employees and the general public.

Training & Workshops

Interactive, innovative and hands-on
Basics of Finance
for non-finance managers

This training was organized by AMANATH Multi-purpose Co-operative Limited for its members in November 2019 just prior to outbreak of Covid-19 and was led by our professional lead trainer Mr. H.S. Abdul Jabbar, having 20 over years of rich experience in conducting such training and workshops.

using Accounting Software

Another workshop for SME owners / managers on 'how to maintain books of accounts using an accounting software' is a one day hands on workshop. At present it is conducted as an online workshop of two sessions of three hours each over two weekends to cater for busy SME owners / managers. 

Personal Finance
Towards financial freedom

The first step towards financial freedom is to manage our personal finance well. Are you doing that effectively and efficiently at individual level? If not, join us to learn and achieve more towards financial freedom in a short period of time. This training is conducted as on demand basis at present.

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