We simplify various financial concepts  for even a layman to understand them clearly by adapting innovative board game rather than using conventional method of normal classroom teaching.

Basics of Finance

Basics of Finance workshop conducted for AMANATH Multi-purpose Co-operative Ltd in Nov 2019

Basics of Finance

Basics of Finance
for non-finance people

This is an essential workshop designed for everyone especially for busy non-financial individuals, SME owners. The importance of managing your finances adequately and effectively is very critical for the success of any business. This course will facilitate the journey of equipping yourselves with better financial and accounting management in an innovative interactive way through a board game. We simplify and visualize the accounting & financial concepts. Hence, participants really enjoy the interactive sessions while easily grasping the concepts in a fun-filled environment.
Workshop Outline
Keeping proper accounting records is not only a legal requirement but it is key for making informed decisions in the more volatile business environment.
- how financial statements are made
- how to interpret basic financial statements
- learn the importance of maintaining healthy cash flow through our innovative workshop.

Bookkeeping using Accounting Software 
hands on workshop for beginners 

JAS conducts another workshop for SME owners / managers on 'how to maintain books of accounts using an accounting software'. It will be an online workshop of two sessions of three hours each over two weekends to cater for busy SME owners / managers.
Students are also welcome to register as it will enable them to leapfrog over others by getting hands on exposure in real time bookkeeping rather than theoretical aspect of it even before they qualify.
Keeping proper accounting records is not only a legal requirement but it is key for making informed decisions in the more volatile business environment.
So, learn through our practical hands on workshop.

Personal Finance

Personal Finance

The first step towards financial freedom is to manage personal finance effectively. Are we all doing that efficiently at an individual level?

Almost all of us leave financial matters for heaven's sake to self-manage on its own and evolve over a period of time for good or bad. One fine day, when our major source of income or inflow of funds is curtailed or contained, we tend to panic. As a result, things are made worse than it is should be otherwise.

It may sound familiar to some of you. Yes, either you would have gone through or heard from friends and relatives. That is the point where the individual either lost his/her job or major source of income due to some internal genuine reasons of the employer or external factors such as SARS, economic recessions / crisis, Covid19 pandemic etc. As these external factors and even the internal factors to some extend are beyond our control and may happen to anyone on any fine day. Hence, let us take full charge of our personal finance today itself by embarking on a new financial savvy learning journey by attending our workshop.

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